Discover the Goddess within you on a magical journey with me to Alaya Tulum. Step into your power and embrace your life! 

Experience the beauty of the jungle and the beach while deepening the connection with the YOU that's long been forgotten or is overwhelmed with low energy, anxiety or insomnia. Find her again in the moonlight on the beach in Tulum... find the Goddess within YOU.


Susan Proper RYT-200

I invite you to take time for yourself on the Mayan Moon Goddess Yoga Retreat with me ~ Yin, Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, Slow & Gentle Flow and Meditation. Enjoy nature's perfect beauty, deep relaxation, self reflection, exploration and connection. Discover the inner Goddess within you. Find your divine feminine Shakti power. You will be so glad you came along!


Lucious, flavorful natural foods accommodating most diet restrictions are available at the on-site casual restaurant.

Alaya Tulum is a unique resort focusing on yoga that also offers eco-workshops, drum circles, a temazcal, an adult-sized jungle gym and so much more. The rooms are bright, spacious and airy. You will love the amazing ocean views and breezes. You will be at the beach while in the jungle - inhaling the scents of luscious fruits and blossoms and listening to the birds and waves wash ashore.

healthy food

Food Glorious Food

Delicious, natural Tulum food selections, made with fresh locally-sourced ingredients and lots of love. Fresh and authentic Latin American cuisine on the beach, in a garden setting. Your food can be delivered to you right to your room or while you relax on the beach.

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A Magical Experience

The perfect place to become one with nature. Stay connected with the environment while maintaining the integrity of the local ecosystem with natural recycling processes of food & materials. Take a break from the rushes of the daily life and enjoy a full connection with the nature in Alaya.

fresh  healthy food

Fresh, Tasty & Authentic

A great amount of our diet should come from fresh foods to feel truly vibrant. Foods are sourced from local organic markets and brought to your table.

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Rejuvenate & Connect

With a high regard for Mother Nature and individuality, find your SELF again on the beach in Tulum. Experience the beauty of the jungle and the beach while deepening the connection with the YOU that's long been forgotten or is overwhelmed with low energy, anxiety or insomnia. Find the Goddess within you.

Healthy, Natural, Whole

Eating well gives you the ability to be a Goddess from the inside out… claim it! What better way to get a start on this than with someone preparing luscious, organic foods for you daily?


Unified by the wisdom of the sacred goddesses of divine feminine power, Shakti and Ixchel, we will discover our own Goddess within.

Daily focus will be yin yoga, yoga nidra, gentle flow or meditation during our time together; working with journaling, drawing, music & mantras along with essential oils, you find an awakening of your feminine energy and emotions.  Best of all, you will connect with your sister yogis sharing in each other’s wisdom and bond through open hearts. We will share in a Shakti-spirited moonlight Bhava Yoga Ritual (devotional yoga practice) allowing your perfect feminine energy to fill your body and care for your soul. The pure magic from the practice of yoga and sound will take your breath away.


Connecting through shared practice and shared experience

Shakti, mother goddess, is a universal source of energy, power, and creativity. She is also known as Parvati, Durga, and Kali. Shakti is an archetype who you might call upon for strength, fertility, and power. You may identify with her as a powerful female figure or you might look to her as you try to improve or sustain your marriage.

Shakti is a universal energy force and so she can be called upon for numerous reasons:

• To help fight your personal battles or when seeking protection, call upon her as Durga.
• For fertility or if you identify with the mother goddess archetype, turn to her as Parvati.
• To banish evil from your life and restore balance in and around you, seek her as Kali.

We have within us the energy of the Divine Feminine Shakti - the creative female energy that is filled with wisdom. Yet we let go of our power too often by not standing up for ourselves, not taking initiative and losing our identities. But the goddess energy, that source of power exists insides of us, just waiting to be rediscovered. Find the goddess in you.

In Mayan culture the Goddess Ixchel (pronounced ish-shell) has many identities as well. She is known as the Moon Goddess, an agent of fertility and childbirth. She's also been a healer, a shaman and a female warrior. She was not bound to conventionalism and her identifications are dependent upon only one thing: human perception.

Her temple ruins are on the island of Cozumel; in ancient Mayan times  every young woman made a pilgrimage there at least once in her life. You can too.

Ixchel is often represented with a snake - big magic to the Mayan culture. Her association with the moon makes her a transformer - the Mayan symbol for transformation is the moon. She is also a justifier - restoring balance. Ixchel is often seen with a pail or a jug holding water - pouring out her healing rains upon the land and provisions to the community. Vessels are also symbolic of the womb. She was a life-giver and goddess of childbearing.

Crossbones are a symbol of foreboding and a symbol of crossroads. These along with her spear and shield suggest that Ixchel was also a warrior goddess at some point in the Mayan culture. Ixchel is also associated with the Rainbow symbol. Rain played a vital role to the agrarian Mayan culture and therefore rainbows would have been a very powerful symbol associated with life-giving rain. Rainbows were guideposts to the Mayans and were considered to be oracles of renewal and life.  She would have been called upon to aid in interpreting a rainbow's significance thus strengthening her role as goddess of divination.





women’s circle

women’s circle

So, I've given you an idea of how fabulous this retreat is going to be... Now who is joining me on this journey to find their inner Goddess and experience the magical moonlight in Tulum?


Early-bird Special is Open Now - Don't miss out! Use the link below or the tab at the top of this page to register. We are going to have such an amazing time together… Get that passport ready!