Personalized Sessions with Susan Proper ~ Finding Your Divine Feminine Self

Personalized, private sessions for your self-care. Yin, Yoga Nidra, Guided Meditation, Gentle Flow. Let's discover the perfect balance for you to fortify your health and radiant vitality.

Personalized yin yoga session targeting layers of tissues in the body largely neglected in yang yoga - connective tissue, fascia and joints are gently and safely stimulated.

Want to learn more about essential oils and how to use them? Let me help you discover essential oil basics and how to use them to enhance your home, wellness, beauty, and balance. YL 16111479

Divine SleepĀ® Yoga Nidra - a form of meditation often referred to as yogic sleep. A practice of complete relaxation and peace that can be used by anyone - just lay down and listen.

Awakening Art & Soul - Yoga & Painting: First, a gentle yoga practice to warm up, followed by a meditative painting session. Your heart & inner being will flow from your brush & paints to your canvas making your own unique & personal image. (3 hours)

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair and standing using a chair as a tool during practice. This is especially useful for those with injury or other limitations.