Online Women's Virtual Yoga Retreats    ~   The Gift of Stillness  ~  Coming to You Free Every Other Wednesday on Facebook Live.

This is your time... your quiet time. Bring your mat and join me for your time of rest, introspection and journey of self-discovery.

Sometimes we’ll talk about crystals or essential oils... wherever the Universe leads. During our time together choose joy, love and happiness... be still, feel yourself breathe, rediscover your divine feminine being and listen to what your heart is telling you.

Yin yoga and meditation practice are always on the menu.

You can join me for this lovely experience wherever you are - your living room, your hotel room, your bedroom, your backyard - just bring your mat. Meet me every other Wednesday with your mat anywhere you are at 6:00pm EDT.

To get access to my free online virtual yoga retreats and much more Click Here so I can email you the link. This way we will share, grow, talk, ask questions, and go beyond just practicing yoga asanas together. We will learn about crystal grids, oracle cards, essential oils or wherever we, as a Kula, feel led to go.

All of this is because I believe in order for us to work best together and for me to help you find stillness and discover your true Self, we should ultimately pursue what makes your heart happy - wherever that path may lead.