Monthly Women's Circle of Yinspiration ~ Mini Yoga Retreats in Clermont, FL ~ First Sunday of the Month from 3:00-6:00pm at the Clermont Garden Club.

Learning to make simple crystal grids, discovering how to work with your chakras, essential oils, and mudras...  Yoga nidra and guided meditations and of course, yin yoga are all of the possible options during these monthly mini retreats.

An afternoon of Yin yoga, meditation, essential oils, circle of sisterhood, awakening and sharing.

Take a few hours just for yourself on a Sunday afternoon and journey inward. Forget about shopping, errands, housework, or whatever else may be on your plate. Delight in the deep sense of release and feminine awakening in an amazing women’s circle with oils and crystals. Together, we’ll enjoy practicing yin yoga with soothing music. Picture yourself listening to a gentle guided meditation after a tender and meditative yin yoga practice. Share in tea & cookies with friends new and close.

This monthly circle is especially designed for women’s bodies and encourages group discussion. My teachings are heartfelt and grounded in the belief that peace, happiness and joy be worked into all student’s experiences. And through that experience, each will rediscover the goddess within themselves.

This time is made especially for you. For you to take the time and think about who you are. To find the sacred space deep within you and explore it.

Students of all levels are welcome to participate.

Women's Circle